'Sheven' - New Original Music - A Quick Minute and a Half Song Idea - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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I was going to continue to work

Track 6, Ascending Arpeggios
on the idea I shared yesterday, but I wound up creating this while watching some TV, and I think it's got some solid ideas, so I may just keep working on it and do some updates over the next few days as I expand it. The song is a quick little idea right now, but I think with a new section, with a change in harmony or texture, it could become a reasonably long tune. We're in 7/8, at a pretty quick tempo, with a basic 4 chord structure that repeats, as other things are added on top. The first two tracks provide the drums, with hihats/snares and kicks split up. Track 3 is pictured below, and provides the chords, an Fmin7 (without the third) played 2x, then a Dmin7 (still no third), and finally a Dmin7b5 (no third). The thirds are filled in a bit by other tracks that come in and out, and by the bass.

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Track 3, Chord Progression

Listen to Sheven here...

Track 4 just is used for the swell in the intro, though I'm

Track 8, Bass Line
not sure how much I love that. Track 5 doubles the chords, with a new, sort of bubbly chorusy texture. Track 6 adds some ascending arpeggios over the chord hits, and Track 7 the main chords again, but with an arpeggiator and a new synth sound. Track 8 is our bass part, which I really like, though I think perhaps it needs to be doubled with a subby bass, to really fill things out. Tracks 9, 10 and 11 all add a few little synth hits, at the beginning of each measure, which aren't super audible, but do add to the general vibe. These may not stay as I expand the idea, but I'm not entirely sure what I'll add in place of them, so I'll be sure to add some screenshots of whatever comes up.