'Rundum' - New Original Music - A Quick Creation Using Ableton's Random MIDI Effect - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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This is a random creation from a few

Track 3, Bass
nights ago, in which I used Ableton's 'Random' MIDI effect for 3 of the 5 tracks. It wasn't technically a timed challenge, but I think I spent less than 10 minutes on it. I did cheat a bit and just use a drum loop, which I try to not do normally, or at least to chop it up and make it more original in some way, but it worked well, so I went with it. Track 1 was bounced from a Strobe2 synth, on which I added the random effect, set to 'scale 3'. The actual progression was random as well, I just placed notes around, at various lengths. The arpeggiator effect added a lot more notes as well, so with very little effort, I had a super weird, dissonant synth line. I also automated the cutoff and resonance so it would be constantly moving and morphing, then bounced it all to audio so each play through wouldn't be different due to the random effect. It's definitely strange, but because its rhythmic, and it sort of repeats some patterns (though the actual pitches change), it doesn't feel completely out there, just sort of dissonant.

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Track 4, Randomized Track #2

Listen to Rundum here...

Track 2 was the drum loop; it was a drum and bass pattern

Track 5, Randomized Track #3
which I just dropped in pitch an octave, and removed the warp function so it would be double in length. The synth part actually extended an extra bar, so I just copy-pasta'd the drums enough times until they and the synth in Track 1 lined up at the end. Track 3 was supposed to be a bass part, and doesn't use the random effect, though because of the timbre of the synth used, it wound up sort of blending with Track 1, and because the pattern is consistent, it adds another layer of 'regularity' to Track 1. Track 4 is a sort of bell synth, which again used the random tool, with the Scale 3 setting. This one plays a little more sporadically, adding another layer of dissonance, though surprisingly it seems to work with the other tracks. Finally, I added Track 5, pictured to the left of this paragraph; it plays an 1/8th and 1/16th note, which again jumps around with the Random tool. It too just seemed to work with the other tracks, again, despite the weird intervals created between them all.

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