'Reversal' - New Original Music - A Quick Creation from Last Night - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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This idea from last night that came together

Track 15, Ascending Lines
randomly, beginning with a basic 4 chord progression (Track 1). I then recorded this to an audio clip (Track 2) and reversed each chord, so the chords hit, then swell into the next chord. After this, I took the short little progression from Track 1 and used the Timbre Transfer tool I talked about yesterday two times, once with a flute, and once with violins, and then warped these and chopped them up a bit (Tracks 3,4, 5 and 6). Tracks 7 and 8 are both bass tracks, which came from Serum. I've been spending a bit of time each night trying to build synths in Serum, which has been a lot of fun, and thus far has yielded some decent results.

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Track 1, Main Chords

Listen to Reversal here...

Track 9 uses a pad synth from LABS which follows the 4

Track 17, Lead Line
chords in Track 1, just with a two note line per chord. Track 10 was going to be another bass track (from Serum), but I wound playing it an octave up, creating just another rhythmic synth. Track 11 was a distorted (using Erosion) kick drum, and Track 12 some weird percussive beeps. Track 13 sort of interrupts our drum tracks, with single note swells at the end of each two bar section. Track 14 is the hi-hat track, which came from Kontakt, then distorted, again with erosion. Track 15 is pictured next to the first paragraph above, and plays a plucky little ascending line over each chord. This track had a lot of reverb too, and really helped fill things in. Track 16 was a last minute drum track, which added a snare part, though it has a pretty heavy envelope filter on it so it sits in the background, sort of accenting every 2nd beat in a bar. Finally, we have Track 17, which plays a little melody line, pictured to the left of this paragraph.

Hope you enjoy the creation! Thanks for listening!

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