'Pendule' - New Original Music - A Quick 10 Minute Timed Exercise - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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I had done this timed exercise

Track 5, Bass Synth
a few nights ago, but never shared it, so I figured today would be a good time, since I didn't have any regular song ideas that were particularly interesting. I had started with the two tracks at the top, a ROLI synth (from a new pack I bought a few days ago), and that free 'Pendulate' synth I've mentioned previously. I spent a little too much time screwing around with the Pendulate settings, and then decided I didn't like the short idea thus far, so I just moved on, but figured I'd leave it to show ideas can totally shift during these quick exercises. Track 4 was actually the first added, which outlined a chord progression. I didn't like the sound that much, so I reversed it, and added a guitar amp from GuitarRig (demo was included with NI's free Komplete Start package) to give it that grittier sound. With the reverb, it almost gives it a cassette-esque sound. The progression is divided into two parts, in Red and Blue (in Track 4). The Red progression begins on Gmin, to Cmin, Eb and finally F. The Blue section begins on Bb, to F, to Eb, and back to F. Simple, but I had lost a few good minutes with that abandoned idea, so I figured simple would be fine, hehe.

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Track 3, Pad, playing chord tones

Listen to Pendule here...

Track 3 was added next, which what was going to be

Track 6, Slow Arpeggios w/ Effects
a bass part, but wound up being pushed up a few octaves to just add a more pad-like sound. Mostly, this sticks to root notes, though I did add some other chord tones throughout to make it a little more interesting. Track 5 is the bass part, which is entirely just root notes, except for over the last F in the 2nd progression, playing an F instead of the root. I like this sound (also from that new Stargaze Synthwave pack), but it's a little thin, so I think it would need to mixing, or even doubling, if this were an actual song idea. Track 6 was the last thing added, which plays the arpeggiated line pictured to the left here. This also has a gate effect, which gives it the 1/16th note rhythm, plus it has one of the ROLI delay effects. I was able to click that last delay on, and move the settings a bit, then the clock ran out, so this is the final result!

Hope you enjoy it!

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Nice one! :) It`s really cool that you post walkthroughs of your songs!

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sorry just saw this comment! thanks for checking it out!