'Night Wind' - New Original Music - Having Fun in Ableton w/ a Chill/Jazzy Electronic Tune + Walkthrough

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So this came together last night

EQ Eight, on Kick Track 2.
a bit randomly; I was just screwing around with some kicks, combining various sounds, and I wound just adding more and more layers, with this being the result. I wouldn't call this finished, but it's a solid idea thus far: chords, bassline, drum beat, some extra synth textures. I really like the progression, its pretty simple, but has a cool jazzy vibe. The synth that I used initially (Track 12) also has a bendy/chorusy effect which reminded me of those chill hip-hop playlists on YouTube, which worked well here. As you can see in the screenshot above, there are quite a few drum tracks, something I need to do more, but have been a bit lazy about recently. Two each, for the hihats, snares (a snare and a distorted clap), and two kicks, all grouped together in the pink/white at the top of the image.

Screen Shot 20200702 at 9.39.48 PM.png

Tracks 12 and 14, Chord Progressions A and B (5 Bars ea.)

Listen to Night Wind here.

The chord progression, which is played by two tracks together,

Tracks 18 and 16, Plucky Synth Accents
Tracks 12 and 14, is made up of two parts, White and Yellow. The White section begins on Amaj7, to Emaj7, then a descending line from Gmaj7 to Fmaj7 and finally Emaj7 again (5 bars total). The Yellow section again begins on Amaj7 to Emaj7, but then changes things up, moving to Emin7, F#min, and ending on F#6. Track 13 is an audio clip, with the same progression, just with a long pitch bend at the end to transition between parts. Track 11 provides the bass line, which turned out much funkier than I initially envisioned, but wound up working nicely. Track 15 is a quiet little thing, which provides a little ascending and descending synth line over the transitional sections, while Track 17 uses a little audio clip for a swell towards the end (this may be edited). Finally, we have Tracks 16 and 18, which add some plucky, twinkly synths that just add a few notes here and there.

Hope you like the idea so far! I'll keep working and update accordingly!

CrotoaNoise · Night Wind

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