'New ROLI Sounds' - New Original Music - Playing Around w/ a New Cypher2/ROLI Sound Pack: "Cinematic Impact" - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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Last night, I was looking around on ROLI's

Track 1, Brassy Monster 5D
website, and figured I'd spend a little money on one of their expansion sound packs. There are some bigger sets for $20, and some smaller, much more specific sounds for less than $10, so I decided to go right in the middle, and get this 'percussion' library for $15. It turned out to be a good decision, as there are some awesome sounds in here; I didn't use the Seaboard for this, as I wasn't at home at the time, but I am DEFINITELY going to be utilizing the MPE effects on all of these sounds through the Seaboard, and will definitely share the results here. I started with Track 1, one of the few non-percussion instruments in the pack, the 'Brassy Monster', which just plays the little bass line pictured to the right here. This isn't a super exciting progression, but I figured I'd not overdo it, and focus on the drums a bit more, see what was available. Track 2 is the 'Percolated' instrument, which is sort of a kick/impact/explosion sound, which has some cool effects and settings that can be played with to create some awesome sounds.

Screen Shot 2021-04-11 at 9.37.42 PM.png

ROLI Studio Player, Cinematic Impact Instruments

Listen to New ROLI Sounds here...

Track 3 was more of a snare sound, though I'm not sure

Melda's MBit Bitcrusher (on Track 6)
which instrument it was, as I recorded it to an audio track. This instrument had a built in rhythm, which I liked, but needed to alter slightly, so after getting it as an audio clip, I warped some of the hits to alter it every other measure. Track 4 is the 'Body Bass Drum', though the pitch and tone can altered quite a bit, resulting in something between a snare and trash can, which I used as a snare on the 3 of each bar. Track 5 is one of the FX instruments in the pack, 'Criteria', which I just used to swell in at the beginning. It's a little loud compared to everything else, but I just wanted it placed somewhere so I could hear it a couple of times and familiarize myself with it. Track 6 was another track recorded to audio, which played through a minor arpeggio on any note that is held. I just played the same notes as the bassline, but with the minor arpeggios, wound up with some interesting parts. I think if I had left out the A natural and D natural, and went with something completely pentatonic, it would be dark and weird, but a little less disjointed and random sounding. This was mostly just an experiment anyway, so I can't be too judgmental of it. Finally, we have Track 7, the 'Drumor' instrument. This wound up being a sort of hi-hat, with a pretty heavy gate so it cuts off quickly after the initial attack. Overall, I'm stoked about these instruments, there is a LOT of stuff here to explore, so I'll keep sharing the results!

Enjoy the experiment!

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