'Mij3' - New Original Music - Using Portal on Some Drums a Few Nights Ago - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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This started with the LABS

Track 8, Bass Synth (Pendulate free synth)
percussion pack, which I haven't used much since downloading it last month. I just mapped out a super simple beat, with a kick on 1 and 3, snares on 2 and 4, and an open snare sound on the upbeat 8th notes between. I initially had this all mapped out in one track, and added a Portal effect, which made for some really interesting sort of 'rolls' from the grain delay in the preset. I recorded that whole thing into Track 6, then went back and split up the 3 different hits into their own tracks, and removed Portal from them. With the original beat underneath, the Portal effect pattern wound up working really well, though I did EQ out a lot of the low-end, just so it would be more about the snare rolls. Volume wise, these could use some adjusting, and a cymbal at some point would add some variation, but I really like the idea.

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Track 1, LABS Piano Pad, Chords

Listen to Mij3 here...

Track 7 uses a LABS Pipe Organ ('Geigan'), and has

ROLI 'Automated Pluck-o-rama'
the 'Raum' reverb with the mix turned up pretty high, along with two different Portal effects, and the Polyverse 'Wider', to make it feel a little bigger. This just drones along on a D for most of the first 4 bars, then slides up a halfstep, back down to a D, then up to an E, before repeating. Unfortunately, the Portal effects also add some weird digital, twinkly things in the top end, which I am probably going to remove, as I prefer it as just a straight-forward drone. Track 8 uses the synth 'Pendulate', which is one of the free synths I had downloaded last month after seeing them in an Andrew Huang video. This plays the bass part, which is simple, sticking to roots and 3rds, and probably could use some tweaking as far as the actual timbre, but works well enough for this rough idea. Track 9 is a ROLI synth, with a heavy delay, which just plays through chord tones. Finally, we have Track 10, another ROLI synth which just plays a single note, held out over each chord change, just to add some more texture.

Hope you enjoy!

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