'MayjorII' - New Original Music - Adding Some More Sections to Yesterday's Idea - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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As I mentioned in the post yesterday,

Track 2, Basic Dyads for B Section
I liked the general idea, but thought it needed some changes at some point, and to expand a bit to feel more full. I decided to try that a bit last night, and wound up getting the song out to a reasonable length without feeling too long, and added two sections to help break up the monotony. The first chunk of the song is essentially the same as yesterday's, which sort of builds up with a few tracks at a time, then the drums come, then all the tracks play together for a bit. I did alter the drum pattern (except the first two 4 bar chunks), so there is another snare hit at the end of the section, which helped fill in that space a bit. I've attached the drum pattern below, which I normally don't do, but that extra little snare seemed to help. However, all of that may change, as you'll learn below when we get into the new sections.

Screen Shot 20201006 at 9.42.54 PM.png

New Drum Pattern, Kicks in Blue, Snares/Misc. in Pink

Listen to MayjorII here...

As you can see in the overview, the first big chunk of green

Track 15, Fill, End of B Section
and blue is broken up by a white/pink section, which is the first new part. The first change was in the drums, with the snares just coming in on the 3 of each bar for this section. It helped it feel a little more open. The harmonies built on top of it, using all the tracks in the overview that are filled in, just outline a 3 chord progression, 2x, beginning on a Dmajor, to F#minor, and finally an Emajor. We then move back into the full Green/Blue section (the main portion of the song), before a second break. This second break is WAY more empty, with just the drums and two synth tracks.

Here, we only have two chords,

beginning on an Amajor which fades out over 4 bars (really just a dyad, a low A and a high C#), and a low G# with a higher A over the top. This adds a slightly interesting dissonance before a refrain at the end to the main progression. However, the drums change here, with the snares coming in on the 2 and 4 of every bar, and the kicks moved around a bit, just so they don't hit with any snares. I kind of like this more straight-forward rhythm too, so I'm not sure if the original one is going to make the cut... I do like the weirdness of the original, so maybe I'll keep that for some parts, and build into this more straight-beat, add some lead on top to really identify those as sort of 'Choruses'. We'll see what happens...

Hope you enjoy the changes! Thanks for listening!

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