'Mayjor' - New Original Music - An Idea From Last Night, Using a Few New LABS Sounds - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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This song was sort of an accident

Track 4, LABS Granular Piano
that happened last night; I initially intended to write something super ambient again, and was going to try a sort of free-meter thing, with a melody but no clear rhythm, but as I added more tracks, it started to feel different than intended, which I just decided to roll with, and this is the result. It's definitely just a short, relatively rough idea, but I think it would be a good beginning to a song. If there was some sort of bigger change in harmony after this, and then some sort of quieter break, before returning to this vibe, I think it could be a really complete song idea. I tried to use a few of the new LABS instruments that I downloaded the other day, and they worked really well for the background textures. There are quite a few tracks here, though LOTS of them are doing relatively the same thing.

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Track 7, Strobe2 Bass

Listen to Mayjor here...

Essentially, the entire song is built on a constantly droning

Track 13, Twinkly Melody
A major chord, though there are some bass parts, and other lines that add a few little moves that help to keep it interesting. Track 1 was initially where I started, recording an organ from Equator which just hits a C#/A dyad on each quarter note. I had intended to warp this and make it all crazy, but instead it just repeats. The next five or six tracks are all contributing to the general drone, with some variation, mostly sticking to A's and E's. Track 7 changes a bit, pictured above, adding a bass line, which moves to a D, which is a nice change. Track 8 provides a sort of long melody line, which turned out to sound a little off beat because of the long attack, so I'll need to fix that up. Tracks 9, 10 and 11 are all the drums, which weren't even going to be in the song, but I think are a good idea. They definitely aren't mixed really well yet, so that'll be part of the next steps after I figure out the next few sections. Track 12 is another A drone. 13 changes things up again, playing the twinkly little melody pictured to the left. The last two tracks just add some more textures, providing a few more chord tones instead of the constant A notes that the beginning tracks handle.

Hope you like the idea so far! Thanks for listening!

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