'Grpwrp' - New Original Music - Quick Idea, Cool Drums/'Meh' Synths, Ready for Re-Working - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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So this is a random idea from last night,

Track 4, Synth bass
essentially half of which I hate, and half I like. I started with the tracks grouped together, which were just random little audio clips from some sample packs, which I chopped up and tuned. I had them play a i, Vi, Vii in C# minor, which Track 4, the first of a few bass tracks, also played. All of this, I dislike. It sort of just happened as I was spaced out watching some TV, and definitely will be removed tonight when I try and work on this some more. I think its the combination of really bad sounds (the hissy samples are gross, and the synth bass has a pretty generic, not particularly interesting sound) and a really boring progression. I sort of envisioned a kind of Mega Man vibe, which the progression would've worked for, but I wound up abandoning that.

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Track 10, Descending Dorian Scales

Listen to Grpwrp here...

Tracks 5 and 6 are where the half I like begins, with two new

Track 5, Bass #2
bass tracks. Track 5 provides a buzzy, rhythmic progression, and Track 6 was recorded from a Serum bass that I made, which has some cool shifts in timbre as the velocity shifts up and down. Track 7 came from a kick drum pattern, which I ran through a return track with some heavy noise from the Erosion plug-in, then just recorded the return track, so its just all of the wet, noisey signal. I've done this on a few tracks recently and like the results. Track 8 provides the snare pattern, which also ran through the Erosion a bit. Track 9 uses the LABS drum kit, and just provides hi-hat hits, also eroded a bit. Finally, we have Track 10 which plays the descending Dorian line over and over. I like the idea here, but I think maybe it should come in at a later point, after a build of some sort, and with a different instrument.

Hope you enjoy the walkthrough! I'll be sure to update if I can take this and make it into something much cooler!

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