'GroupWarp' - New Original Music - Rhythm Section Becomes More Interesting, Harmonies Still a Bit 'Meh' - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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So I continued to work on this last night

Track 9, Arp. Synth Fill
and think that, despite my efforts, the drums got much cooler, and the harmonies stayed pretty boring, the exact opposite of my goal, haha. SO, tonight, I intend to save a new version of this track, and delete anything harmonic and melodic, and start again with the drums as the basis for everything. As far the harmonies, I edited a couple of the bass parts, so they now play a i, Vi, iv progression. I was hoping this would feel a little cooler, as I could sub in a major or dom chord over the i and iv, but frankly, it's a little too straight-forward for how dirty the drums are. I also edited Track 6, which plays the descending Dorian line for 2x as long, though it fades out halfway through, and Track 8 comes in playing the same line with a different instrument. This totally didn't work like I imagined it would, and just feels odd and cluttered.

Screen Shot 20201021 at 9.37.16 PM.png

Track 13, LABS

Listen to WarpGroup here...

Track 7 plays chords which didn't exist in the previous song,

Track 10, LABS Synth, Harmonies
which I liked while adding them, but really think are FAR more harmonically straight-forward than I think these drums need. Track 9 adds a little arpeggiated synth which plays chord tones. Track 10 adds a sort of ambient synth, which also sticks to chord tones. Track 11 adds an upbeat hi-hat pattern, which fills in the drums quite a bit more. Track 12 was a cut from a clip recorded from a Newscool drum pattern, which I had to warp a bit to fit on beat. The 1/16th note rolls really add an energy to the drums, and I think will work a lot better with different instruments around them. Finally, we have Track 13, a LABS instrument, which plays the progression pictured above, between the two paragraphs. Agin, this will go when I re-do everything.

Hope you enjoy the changes to the drums, at least! Hopefully tomorrow's version will be way cooler!

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