'Digital Dead' - New Original Music - A Quick 10 Minute Writing Exercise, Noisey Fun - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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This isn't going to be as visual of a post,

MBitFun, Melda's Bitcrusher, on the 808 Kicks
as EVERY track except for the kick drums are just audio clips, so there aren't any MIDI piano rolls to share for more interesting screenshots, and a lot of these are just noisey weirdness, but I'll do my best! I gave myself 10 minutes, which seems like perhaps I could have done more, however, each synth was a quick creation in Serum, which is always a rush for me anyway as its just the demo version, and requires a restart after 20 minutes, lol. Track 1 provides the kick drums, which are just on every 1/4 beat, using an 808 kit. I tend to not use these oldschool kits except for specific instances, but with the super bitcrushed effect added, this wound up being pretty cool and heavy. Track 2 is a sort of snare sound, which hits on the first 3 1/8th notes of each bar, adding to the general crunchiness.

Screen Shot 20210115 at 9.32.31 PM.png

EQ in the 'Full Chain Master' Rack, Included w/ Ableton

Listen to Digital Dead here...

Track 3 was originally a hi-hat pattern which, after some

heavy effecting and warping, turned into a sort of rhythmic glitch sound effect. Track 4 is the first of the Serum synths, which was going to be a bass line, but didn't get mixed as I ran out time, so I didn't get to boost the bass. It wound up just adding one of a few crunchy synth lines, which sort of bounce in and out of each other, and pan around quite a bit. Track 5 is another Serum part, which plays the weird little chromatic 'lead' sort of line. Track 6 adds the weird, gliding part, that is a bit less distorted, and in a much higher register. This part doesn't seem to really fit, and if I take this idea somewhere, I'll probably remove it. Track 7 was the last addition, adding a real hi-hat part, super last minute. Overall, its a bit crazy fuzzy of a tune, but I dunno, maybe with some tweaking I could make it work a bit better and become something more complete.

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