'Cypherglyph' - New Original Music - A Quick 5 Minute Timed Writing Exercise From Last Night - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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I was bored last night, and didn't really

Tracks 4 and 5, LABS Instruments
want to work on one of the previous songs I shared, as I was a bit distracted watching TV and such, so I figured a quick, five minute timed writing challenge might be fun, and maybe result in a solid idea worth pursuing. In this case, I'm not sure if I'd continue with any of this, but it wound up being kind of cool, starting out as a spacey, really droney sort of ambience, and then ending with a weird, bitcrushed synth and drum pattern that feels totally random, and kind of like a little musical joke to close out the track. Grouped together are all of the tracks used in the first half of the song: 2 through 6. Track 2 was from the Cypher2 demo I have, and used a vocal synth, which I added a ton of reverb and multiple delays/echoes, along with a second reverb at the end of the chain, to just make a thick, cloudy texture. This continues underneath everything else in that first portion of the track.

Screen Shot 20210114 at 9.38.56 PM.png

Track 7, Silly Outro

Listen to Cypherglyph here...

Track 3 was another Cypher2 synth which I recorded to

Track 6, Another LABS Instrument
audio, then reversed some of the clips to get some little swells and drop offs. Track 4 uses a LABS instrument, the Amplified Cello Quartet, which bends upwards from the initially note, and is only used once at the beginning. Track 5 comes in after, using another instrument from that same set, which doesn't have the pitch bend effect, just laying through a little line. Track 6 uses a LABS instrument from the 'Tundra Atmos' set, and again just adds another layer. Track 7 is the distorted, super bitcrushed synth which plays the line pictured above the link in the middle of the post. You can't really differentiate pitch, so it's more about the rhythm. Finally we have Track 8, which is just a little drum loop I dropped in, then bitcrushed using Melda Production's MBitFun tool. Again, the ending is TOTALLY random, but I kind of like how suddenly things move from cloudy ambience to really sharp, crunchy rhythms before fading out.