'Chako' - New Original Music - Adding Some More Tracks to a Short Idea From A Few Nights Back - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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This was a short idea from a couple

Track 4, Twinkly Synth
nights ago, which I added some more tracks to last night. I like the idea, and think that I'll spend some time mixing it, as there are definitely some discrepancies between some of the parts, and the snare seems a little too thin now that I've added other stuff, so hopefully with some tweaking this will turn out pretty cool. I started the other night with Track 1, which is just the 'Soft Piano' from Spitfire Audio's LABS, which is made up of two parts, 1 section of Purple and 2 sections of Blue. The Purple section is kind of weird, starting on a Dmin11, then an Emin, with a little descending arpeggio on the top which hits the tritone instead of the 5th initially, then finally a Cmajor (so we feel like we're in Emin, and end on the Vi). However, in the Blue section, we modulate to the parallel major, starting on Emajor, to Amajor, and ending on E. The second section in the Blue part is the same progression, modulated down a half step, then it repeats, moving back to the Purple section. Track 5 also plays these chords, and was added after the first draft, as I didn't like how bare bones the soft piano was, so doubling it with a synth seemed reasonable. Tracks 2 and 3 work together, specifically with the kick drum in Track 2 and the bass in Track 3, adding a really cool, driving rhythm.

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Tracks 1 and 5, Chords, Purple and Blue Sections

Listen to Chako here...

Track 4 is a weird synth from the 'arpeggiator' section of

Track 9, Quick Swells
Strobe2, which adds the little twinkly accents. This was one of the few tracks in the original idea, with everything else from here on being added last night. Track 6 is next, adding a little chord tone line, starting on the Blue section, the continuing through the rest of the song. This track sounds great, but is a bit loud, and mid heavy, so that'll be one of a few things to fix up. Track 7 adds another arpeggiated synth, which just swells in at certain points to accent some changes. I initially had it playing the full progression, but it was too much, so I cut it down. I need to go back and bounce this to an audio track, as after the 2nd or 3rd repetition, the delay effect starts feeling off beat. Track 8 was recorded from one of the Arturia synth demos (I think the Matrix-12 V2 specifically), and swells in with chords over the changes in the Blue sections. Track 9 also does a similar thing with swells, using an Equator synth. Finally, we have Track 10, which uses a new LABS instrument from the 'Tape Orchestra' set, which just adds some more harmonies over the Blue sections at the end. This, again, needs to be tweaked a bit, as it covers up a few other things I like. The ending also needs to be fixed; I accidentally copied Track 7 over it, not realizing the pitch bend was over the wrong part of the Blue section, so that'll be removed.