'CCTV' - New Original Music - Another Quick Timed Writing Exercise - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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I was bored last night and decided

Track 7, Syndtsphere
to do another quick timed writing challenge, giving myself 15 minutes this time, which allows me a bit more time to search through synths and sounds, though in this case, I sort of got a little stuck on the drums, which are from the ROLI library that I mentioned yesterday. I didn't split them up into multiple tracks this time, I has a time limit, but I think with the effects/drum buss/compression, they wound up being decently loud. I started with Track 2 which is a noisey sort of synth from one of the many Arturia demos that I have, which starts on D's, then drops down to some G's. Track 3 follows this progression, starting with a D and C (sort of outlining a Dmin7 missing a few notes), then drops down to a Bb and G, outlining a Gminor, until the last two bars, when the 5th in the bass moves up a halfstep to outline the Vi chord.

Listen to CCTV here...

Track 1 uses the same instrument as Track 2, but an

Track 5, Drums and Effects
octave up, and with a lower velocity, and a bit lower volume, so it swells in at different points. Track 4 is sort of a bassline, which mostly drones on a D, even over the Gminor chords, though it does move up to the Eb for the Vi chord, which is really the only instrument that outlines that chord. Tracks 5 and 6 are the drums, which have two sections. In the Blue part, the snares/claps, hats and kicks are all in one section, with a swing groove, but in the green parts, only the kicks and hi-hats retain the swing groove, and the snares/claps return to a straight 4/4, which gives it a weird, sort of off-kilter vibe temporarily. I kind of like this, so maybe I'll use this beat for something else, or perhaps find a way to make this song a little more coherent and turn it into a complete song. Track 7 was the last addition before I ran out of time, which uses the Syndtsphere instrument, which I downloaded a while back. Its a free instrument from Klevgrand, and has a ton of interesting sounds in it, though generally I find the attacks are a bit too long, and can't be edited unfortunately. I don't really like it here, I tried to add a little Dorian sort of thing with it, but it doesn't really fit with everything so, I just left it towards the end of the track, so I could at least hear it a few times.