'CBbA' - New Original Music - A Random Idea from This Past Weekend - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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This is an idea from a few nights back,

Track 4, Root Notes, Bass
which I think has some cool ideas, and is something I'll probably work on more. I figured I'd take a little break from the idea I shared over the last two days, and go to something completely different. This started with a really simple, 6 bar bass part, which I just sort of kept layering things on, and then tried to create a bit of a song around it. It's not mixed really, and you can tell that the kicks aren't really powerful enough, and get a little lost, but I like the dissonances here, and the way the various layers work together. Track 1 is where I started which, along with Tracks 3, 4 and 5 (grouped together), all play the bass part, pictured to the left here. We begin on Cminor for 3 bars, then down a whole step in the bass, playing the 5th of Ebmajor for a single bar, and finally to Aminor for 2 bars, then repeat. Everything else is just built on top of this.

Screen Shot 20201007 at 9.51.53 PM.png

Track 10, Synth Line

Listen to CBbA here...

There are quite a few tracks which only play a little line, so

Track 18, Master Track, Cassette Stops
I'm not going to go through everything individually. Tracks 8, 9 and 10 are pretty important, with Tracks 8 and 9 providing the constantly ascending Cminor lines, before our chord changes over certain parts. In the repetitions around these sections, Track 10 plays, using the line pictured above. I really love the way this sounds, ending on Eb, then Bb, then F, which adds some slight dissonance over our tonic sections. I also added that new Cassette Transport effect, which I placed over the master track, and automated the start and stop. It does a cool little tape bend as the lines cut off at the end of each bar, which is done in Track 18. Everything drops out while this track plays, as it contains everything running through the master track. I was thinking maybe redoing this, so it only happens over the last 4 bars, or maybe even 2, because 6x in a row just feels like the energy and excitement of that sudden stop is lost entirely.

Hope you like the song idea! Thanks for listening!

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