'Breakd' - New Original Music - Updated Version of the Song 'Coolit' from a Few Days Ago - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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I have been playing around with this

Track 23, Updated Bass
song since I first shared it, and after a few changes, this is where it is. I think form-wise, it's done, but I definitely could spend more time mixing and fixing the little stuff, so I'll try and do that casually over the next week, and share an update. I took the drums and divided up the cymbals and snares, in Tracks 6 and 7, so I could deal with the snare volume separately. Track 9 was a random addition, doubling the cymbal intro, with a heavy bitcrusher, which fades out as the cymbals fade in at the top. The next big change was early on, adding an Eb at the end of the 16 bar progression, to break things up. However, I realized in the 8 bars at the top of each repetition, the Fmajor chord was just going on for too long, so I divided that up, playing an Fmajor over the first 2 bars, then a Gmin over the final 2 bars. I made sure to add that edit in all of the instruments, which included re-recording Track 13 (which is gated to beep on the harder snare hits), then shifting that audio by an 1/8th note, and panning the two tracks, so the beeps bounce back and forth. They aren't super obvious all the time, but cut through occasionally, which made for a cool effect.

Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 9.32.16 PM.png

Track 16, Updated Chords, Added Gmin over Last 2 Bars

Listen to Breakd here...

Track 18, a synth from 'Vital', one of those free synths

Track 25, Additional Melody, Sort of Hidden at Points
I downloaded a few weeks ago, plays a lot less often here, just accenting the root notes of certain chords. The break has also changed, now playing Bb, F, Gmin, and Eb, then as we swell upwards, we hit an A, which bends up to a Bb. Tracks 24 and 25 both use the same instrument; 24 plays a chordal thing, while 25 plays a melody line (pictured here to the left). This line isn't always super obvious, but can be heard sometimes sliding in, particularly when its delay effect swells a bit. The final change I made is the second break, where the drums cut out entirely. I also had the tempo slow down ever so slightly over the course of both breaks, which isn't super obvious, but helped as they felt kind of rushed, as the chord changes happen a lot more often, compared to the main progression. There is a Track 26, but it just fades in at the end, as everything is fading out. I was imagining this sort of twinkling sound fading in as the song disappears, until that's all you can hear as it fades out entirely, though I don't think this specific sound is that great, so I'll edit that.

Hope you like the changes!

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