'Blood on Blood - Hive Remix' - New Original Music - Playing Around w/ Stems from a 'Thrice' Track - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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Since I shared a song from

Track 8, 808 Bass Line
Thrice yesterday, I figured this would be a fun choice for my original tune today. The band is having a remix competition on their website, and released all the stems (basically, .wav files of each individual instrument track) from their track Blood on Blood on their most recent album, Palms. This isn't really a submission, as it would need A LOT more work before being a finalized song, but I spent a half hour or so on this, just trying to make something really weird out of their relatively straight-forward rock tune. Each section here is made up of 5 bars, which adds an odd vibe, despite the straight-forward 4/4 time signature, and the harmonies get a bit more strange and dissonant than the song, with an Aminor chord showing up quite a bit, adding some nice out of key notes that really add a tension that, in the original, just happens quickly in passing, but here is a major portion of the progression.

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Track 6, Main Arpeggiated Synth

Listen to Blood on Blood - Hive Remix here.

There are three tracks I used from the original song, in order

Track 9, Extra Harmony Layers' EQ 8
here, Tracks 1, 2 and 3: the vocals, the arpeggio lines on the keys (sound a bit like a harp) and the guitar, respectively. In Track 1, I took the line from the Verse that mentions the song's title, and just chopped and warped it, making it very weird and super off beat, though it sort of works somehow. Track 2 is the keys, which add these big extended arpeggios, which I didn't do anything with expect warp to the current tempo. Track 3 is the guitars, which I also warped, to alter where the changes happen, and pull some sounds out a bit longer. Also, since this now happens over 5 bars, the parts do not repeat like they do in the original, which generally happen over 8 full bars. All the subsequent tracks are done in Ableton, with the drums providing a slow, trappy sort of rhythm. The arpeggiated synth in Track 6 was a bit difficult to set up, as the melody line in Track 1 was SO all over the place after the warping, but I just copied the melody as a midi line into Track 6, then added some harmonies around it to keep the synth constantly playing.

Tracks 4, 5 and 7 are the drum tracks,

though Track 4 is muted, and just provides a constant rhythm for various sidechain compression. Track 8 adds an 808 bass line, something I don't do a lot, but definitely should incorporate more, as it's such a cool effect. Tracks 9 and 12 provide some additional little harmonies throughout, while Track 10 adds the constant hi-hat rhythm, again using Nerve. Finally we have Track 11, which provides a distorted, brassy '80s synth at the end of the track, though I think maybe it should not fade out, and instead allow this instrument to go on a bit more.

This song is definitely far from a finished idea, but I thought it was fun and strange, so I'd share it and do some updates as I make progress over the next few days!

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