'Bees!' - Original Music - Throwback Tune from Years Ago - Punk/Rock/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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I didn't make enough changes

to yesterday's idea to justify a full post, nor did I write anything new, so I figured I'd do a throwback tune! I try to avoid these, as it feels a little cheap to just use a song from years ago, but it's fun for me to go back and revisit these, and since it's not all the time, I'm cutting myself some slack, lol. When I first started recording music, I didn't really have a guide, as none of my friends had any experience with it, and the internet wasn't the place it is today, with massive tutorials available with a single search. I did things SO inefficiently, initially writing drums in a rip of Fruity Loops I had, then importing that audio into Garageband, and DI'ing my guitar and bass (or the amp sometimes, not just the instrument) with the 1/8th inch input on my laptop (so I'd have a big 1/4" guitar cable, with a converter on the end, plugged into a tiny headphone slot, haha).

Listen to Bees! here...

That process went on for a while,

until the computer with Fruity Loops crapped out, and I lost the file. I then found a little application called 'Doggiebox', with which to make drums, and, although I was recording in Garageband still, began to learn a little more about mixing and effects. This song is from that time period, with the second half (the punky/rock) section being recorded first. At some point, I managed to get ahold of 'Miroslav Philharmonik', which was my first experience with VSTs/digital instruments outside of drums I never used Fruity Loops for anything else, as I couldn't figure it out, lol). The intro to this version uses that plug-in, to go through the Chorus/Verse/Chorus (first half of the punk version) with a more orchestral instrumentation. At the time, I thought it sounded SO realistic, which is funny to think about now, as it definitely sounds digital, but I guess modern technology has spoiled me a bit, hehe. My favorite part of this song is the chord progression in the Chorus (which opens the tune). We're in A, and start on an E, up to an F#7, to Dmin7, and A, then E, F#7, and G, before repeating. I was just beginning to get into chord substitutions at the time, which is probably obvious from all those out of key notes in the chords, hehe.

Enjoy the throwback tune!

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