'Audiorush' - New Original Music - Making Something Weird and Noisey - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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This is a random thing from last night,

Track 6, ROLI Effected Bell Sound
once again playing with ROLI sounds (I think I'm almost to the point of using other instruments again, lol), which wound up being kinda cool and definitely weird. Track 1 uses a sound from the Cinematic Impact pack, which, when you hold down a note, you get a drum pattern that plays. Because I played in a higher octave, it isn't particularly 'timpani-esque', but I figured I'd just leave it (recorded to audio) and build on top of it. Track 2 was another ROLI sound, which was in the drum pack, but has a pitch to it. It plays through a little progression, which was just a D minor pentatonic thing, though it doesn't really sound like that, which made for some cool dissonances. Track 3 and Track 4 both are just impacts, one is sort of a big bassy boom, and the other a snare/hi-hat combo. Track 5 is the 'Timpani and Bells' instrument, which plays the progression below. This has the fundamental pitch in the progression, but each note also seems to have a tritone above it, along with some drum noises. Finally, we have Track 6, which is a bell sound, again with some weird overtones to further add dissonance.

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Track 5, ROLI Cinematic Impact: Timpani and Bells

Listen to Audiorush here...

A bit of a short post, but it's a short idea, hehe. I think maybe I'll spend some time with this, maybe try and make it grow into something more interesting!

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