'Another Meld' - New Original Music - A Ten Minute Timed Challenge from A Few Nights Back - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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This is from a couple nights ago,

Track 1, Bass Synth
before the various Melda demos ran out. I decided to try a super quick speed-run writing challenge, and gave myself ten minutes. I didn't get a lot of tracks, as I got a little caught up tweaking the synths I have here (which seems to happen a lot, lol), but I think the general is kind of cool. Theres a sort of reggae-ish vibe, which actually wasn't intentional at first, but I sort just rolled with it after adding the up-beat dyads. Track 1 provides the bass, which uses that wobbly triplet bass from Melda. I am considering just paying the $100 to unlock all of the instruments again, if only for that synth, haha. There are some other sounds I didn't even get to yet, so if I wind up buying a license, I'll be sure to do an update delving into Melda Sound Factory a bit more in detail.

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Track 5, Upbeat Accents

Listen to Another Meld here...

Tracks 2 and 3 provide the drums, which used Mdrummer,

Track 5, LABS Monochord
the Melda drum program. This demo also ended recently, but fortunately I saved some of my favorite drum samples from it as .wav clips. Without the 'full demo' running, the application produces a hissing noise every 10 seconds or so, so it's really not useable in this form. The license for this application is WAY more expensive, so it won't be showing up anymore, lol. Track 3 provides some chords, but really got drowned out by Track 4, which I didn't fix as I ran out of time. Track 4 is the upbeat dyads. Finally, we have Track 5, which adds a little melody line of sorts, using the new LABS instrument 'Monochord'. Not my favorite sound, but I was close to my time limit at this point, and was just trying to add something to break up the monotony.

Hope you enjoy the results of today's timed challenge!

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