'Ankermin II' - New Original Music - Part in a Series: Editing the Drums, Adding Some New Tracks - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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So I worked on the song from

Track 4, New EQ, Removing Some Sub-bass
yesterday a bit more, and I think it's sounding quite a bit better. First off, I pumped up the volume on quite a few tracks, as the drums seemed a bit louder than everything else. I also added an actual kick, replacing the 'footstep' sound effect that I initially used, which works much better. It has a lot more bass, and a nicer thump, which keeps the rhythm going underneath the whole track. As you can see in the overview screenshot above, Track 1 is now muted, which was the original drum track. I doubled the heavier sections (which use the louder, crunchier hits from the sound effect library) into Track 2, but left the muted track, as a number of instruments have sidechain compression set up with the footstep kick sound, and it was easier to just leave that muted, and add the new kicks on top. Track 3 provides those new kicks, which stick to the same basic rhythm as the footsteps.

Screen Shot 20200705 at 9.50.10 PM.png

Track 13, 8 Bars at the End

Listen to Ankermin II here.

There are also two new tracks, 13 and 14, which provide a

Track 14, Nerve Hi-hat Rhythm
a new synth part, and some hi-hats. Track 13 (at least the 8 bars at the end of the song) is pictured above, which outline our chord root notes, 5ths, and occasionally some other chord tones, though I kept it pretty simple. I think the 1st and 3rd bar of each section may be removed, as they overlap with the snare hits, so maybe I'll do that, and let the 2nd and 4th bars do a little call and response thing against the snares. Track 14 adds some hi-hats, which come from the Nerve demo I've used a few times. I just set up a basic 1/16th note rhythm, which plays over the last 8 bars of the 'full' section, warped down an octave in pitch, then took that, turned off the warp ability, and added that to the 8 bars before, so it provides a half-time rhythm, which doubles in speed at the end. It then does a little fade out with the pitch dropping down constantly as the volume dips out.

Hope you like the changes thus far! Not sure what I want to edit/add, but I'll give it some thought and see what happens!

Check out my new E.P. numerical here.

Click here to listen to all of my Splinterlands inspired songs!


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Thanks for your World of Music Community post!!

I like the colorful project. The sound is good too, really rich and metallic!! sounds great out of my macbook air speakers