'A.T.A.' - Original Music - Throwback (Almost) Thursday Tune, Songs from High School - Rock/Punk/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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I have some goofy, short, random

ideas that I uploaded over the last few days, but frankly, I still don't feel like I've escaped the writing rut I've been in, and don't really want to share any of them, as they're not worth an entire post. I've also been watching a bunch of Skillshare videos on Ableton (I got 2 months free via a promotion from an Adam Neely YouTube video), so I've been messing around with a lot of techniques and tricks, instead of really focusing on full songs. Hopefully, these will help to make future endeavors more interesting. I finally figured out how to really make polyrhythms easily and effectively (it's incredibly simple, lol), so I see a lot of tuplets and nested tuplets, also inspired by Neely's videos, coming in future tracks, if only at small little points to accent certain ideas.

Listen to A.T.A. here.

This song is an old'un,

from when I was in high school. I was part of a band, sort of, though we never had a drummer, and frankly, no one ever came to practice, so in essence it is just my music, recorded into **Garageband**, with drums initially made in Fruity Loops, then later in a Mac application called 'Doggiebox', which may not exist anymore, as it was just for creating drum tracks, and didn't seem to be able to be integrated into a DAW. This track doesn't have any drums, just a single rhythm guitar, which plays through a pretty basic progression: Bmin, F#, G, and F#. The second time around, the final F# is replaced with an A#dim. There are some other little guitar parts, which were played by tapping a fast hammer-on riff, then covering that with reverb, and having it swell in and out, and pan across the spectrum. I think I also used the **Garageband** octave tool to double this with a high-pitched, whammy pedal sort of effect.

Hope you enjoy the throwback! I'll be working on some actual ideas tonight, so stay tuned!

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