'223' - New Original Music - Editing and Adding to Yesterday's Rough Idea - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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Screen Shot 2021-05-07 at 9.39.05 PM.png

I added a bunch of stuff to the idea

Track 17, Vital Synth (over A part)
from last night's post, though I think now I need to change up some of the drums, and carve away some of the additions, as there is too much happening at some points, haha. But, that's okay, I find that part fun; overdoing it, then trying to find ways to scale it back but remain full sounding. Of course, nothing is mixed really either, and some of the levels are WAY out of wack, as I think the volume automation wasn't saved when I exported the song, so that'll be changed as well. The drums are split up into 4 separate tracks for the 4 separate hits now, and I added a pretty heavy gate to the hi-hats, which made them sound a bit more digital (it was literally just an acoustic kit in that Steven Slate Drums demo). I think the kick will probably be fine, and the ride with the Portal effect is fine, though I think I need to turn up the wet volume, as the regular ride sound is still a little too apparent. However, the rimshot sound isn't great, but I figured I'd leave that as is for now till I find something more digital that fits. I tried adding some effects to it, and I got a weird sound, but it doesn't fit with the overall song.

Screen Shot 2021-05-07 at 9.40.20 PM.png

Track 7, Trying Some Portal FX on Rimshots

Listen to 223 here...

Tracks 8-15 (includes some groups) are the same as the

Track 18, ROLI 'Cassette Streets' Synth
version from yesterday. Tracks 17 and 18 are grouped together, and use some presets in 'Vital'. I think these ideas are okay, though maybe they need to be blended into the background a little more. I'll play around with it and see what happens. Tracks 20 and 21 are both bass tracks, and are WAY too muddy when played together; I started with 20, which is an actual bass synth, then was trying out some kicks to replace the one currently used. One of those had an interesting subby pitch when I added some effects, so I recorded that single hit to audio, then pitched it to fit with the song. I probably should have had them play in sequence, so you could better hear the difference, haha, but live and learn. I'll play them a few times tonight, and see which one I can make work better, maybe use them in different spots, since Track 21 is a lot more sparse, and might work over a break or something. Tracks 23-26 are all little audio clips, for transitions and impacts and such. They are all a little lost in the mix, and the white noise swell is really just a placeholder till I find something more interesting to build up the end of the break. Track 27 fades in as the song fades out, and is an idea I was thinking might be cool to use, but clashed with some of the other synths; it may wind up getting included if I can find a spot, we'll see what happens as I continue playing with this.

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When you want some strings for that track, you know how to contact! Let's Hive Collab!

I'm definitely down! I've only done one collab with other hive users, would love to make it a more regular thing.

What's the best way to communicate? Telegram? Twitter? Probably makes sense that you get some stems over to me and I'll record you some stuff.

sure telegram is fine. i'm @grapthar there, you can also just go to the splinterlands telegram link in my signature above and DM me from there