'12lve' - New Original Music - Exploring Some More of the Melda Productions Sounds - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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I've been continuing, albeit slowly,

Track 5, Root Notes of Basic Progression
to go through all these new sounds, plug-ins and drums from the Melda Productions I downloaded a few weeks ago. Though it's not the 'full' (aka paid for) version, the synth library is extensive, and has some pretty awesome stuff that I see myself using at least as much as the various other libraries I have, as there is a lot of variation available. This song takes advantage of a number of these new drums and instruments, starting with Tracks 2, 3 and 4, which are the drum tracks. Track 2 is the kicks, which I think need to be beefed up a bit, as they don't hit hard enough, though do have a cool, subby tail end that I'd like to keep intact. Track 3 is the snares and hats, which in this kit, sort of have a radar bleep-bloop sound. They're not very big, so I need to mess w/ this a little more and get them to be a little more obvious in the mix, as they get lost when everything else comes in. Track 4 is one of the synths from Melda, which provides the wobble-bass, hitting an A each time.

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Track 7, Dyads, Basic Progression

Listen to 12lve here...

Although it's not very obvious from the groove I built the

Track 9, Arp. Synth
song around, the Ableton session is in 6/4, with our progression taking place over two bars. My initial intention was to embrace this, but when I added some instruments, I wound up accenting the first 4 beats (so a bar of 4) then the next 8 (a bar of 8), which turned out to be a cool vibe. All of the synths that follow are built on top of Track 4 and the constantly droning wobble-bass, which just hits an A for those first 4 beats each time around. The variation comes in after, in the 8 beat bars. The first time, we stay on the Aminor. The second sets moves to an F#minor. The third time, same as the first, and finally, down to an Fmajor on the 4th set. The rest of the tracks use instruments from a few different libraries, LABS, Equator and Strobe2. The layers turned out to work pretty well; none of them are super obvious, and instead just sort of build a general vibe.

Enjoy today's song! Thanks for listening!

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