Where The Silence Goes by LEAP : an energetic alt-rock anthem to embracing your wild side [Premiere]

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Following up their soaring debut single ‘N.L.T.D’ with a heavier slice of alt-rock; LEAP, the new solo project from London-based musician Jack Balfour Scott, have crafted an instantly catchy moshpit starter in ‘Where The Silence Goes’.

This is a heavy track that deserves to be blasted full volume. An atmospheric drumbeat sets the mood, before the slam of Foals-esque electric guitar strikes hard, instantly adding fiery bounce. Scott’s vocals are enticing throughout, alternating between drawn-out harmonies and quick-fire staccato that adds immediacy and an energetic pace. In the vein of contemporaries Sam Fender and Van McCann, his delivery is unwaveringly confident and leans into its snarl, never shying away from commanding the track with lyrics speaking of losing control and giving in to instincts.

Scott honed his sound as frontperson of Capitol Records five-piece The Mispers, loved for their raucous live shows, and has spent the years since their disbandment crafting LEAP’s mature sound and immediate melodic earworms. He says of Where The Silence Goes; “it’s a song about embracing your inner animal and allowing the darker, more lustful beast within to come out to play once in a while”. This certainly translates to the single, with its moody production and stormy swagger on full show.

With such a confident musician at its helm and the spirited fire of this track, from the very first note of ‘Where The Silence Goes’ it’s not a stretch to imagine LEAP inciting moshpits in legions of ever-growing crowds across the world.


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