Three Steps by Prog Rock outfit Deanmoore grows teeth, becomes unshaven and ebbs and flows as it turns the corner


Deanmoore, prog rock outfit by way of The Netherlands, has been on the hunt for quite some time. They’re looking for the perfect parking place in a business run by 3-4 minute pop songs offering nothing but empty calories. Patiently creating and shopping their craft, the band has been through its share of ups and downs. Weighing the idea of constant touring or concentrating efforts in the studio, Deanmoore has garnered some decent accolades along the way, such as IndieXL’s “Best Dutch Single Of The Week” back in mid 2020.

Formed in 2007, the trio has seen their fair share. The band released a couple of EPs over their first 5 years and some tracks received decent radio and streaming recognition. After a brief hiatus, the band was back, goal-oriented and prolific. Deanmoore announced 2 upcoming singles back in April of 2020 and February 19th marks the second one, Three Steps. The 7-minute track is a daunting one, and I first must admit it doesn’t seem like 7 minutes and I mean that in the most complimentary fashion. Progressive rock must be a bear to compose, I mean, there’s a lot of moving parts and being constantly aware that you have the listener hostage for 7 minutes must be a nerve-racking endeavor.

Deanmoore - Photo Valentijn Tempels

I guess, you can start with a great drummer, right? I mean all prog rock bands have amazing drummers and Deanmoore is no exception. Even the most novice of listeners can spot a great rhythm section; it’s what people focus on if they don’t understand chord changes or synth layering, counterpoint, yada yada. The drum track in Three Steps is whirlwind. It’s upfront, exciting and orchestral in nature. But I digress, Three Steps starts honestly enough, with the best intentions of garnering your attention with a piano intro, lighthearted rhythms, Ben Folds-esque vocal delivery and harmonies, rolling guitar chords rounding it all out. It’s off to the best of starts as great songs often do. Around the 2:30 mark, you realize you’re not on the ride you were in line for. Three Steps grows teeth, becomes unshaven and ebbs and flows as it turns the corner, progressively speaking.

The single becomes a ship on a stormy sea, Deanmoore at the helm, navigating you through different tempos, dynamics, mood swings, et al. Soaring, earnest vocals present top-shelf lyricism where the writer is reconciling with his own past and demons, swearing them off and moving on.

Three Steps is operatic, it presents different dramatic movements to the listener, pauses at different dynamic intersections and even lets the piano back in the room at one point, there’s also a spoken word moment which is a great touch. Guitars tread lightly at times, other sections have them beating down the path for you to move forward, sonically speaking.

Is the whole track wrapped up in a tightly-knit, 7-minute package you ask? It is. It’s a journey you’ll have to take for yourself. A high point in my discoveries for 2021. Be sure to nab this single on February 19th. Also, “big ups” to art direction and album art, your work does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

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