Indie Rock & Alternative Playlist Autumn/Fall 2020 – The Best Indie/Rock/Alt Music of October 2020

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We've just published our new Indie/Rock/Alternative playlist on YouTube featuring the best new Indie, Indie Rock and Alternative tunes of this Autumn/Fall 2020. Discover awesome indie songs by upcoming, new and emerging indie artists and bands.

This Indie/Rock/Alt playlist is available now on YouTube as compilation and also Spotify.

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The Indie Rock & Alternative Playlist Autumn/Fall 2020 on YouTube.

Tracklist of our newly released Indie Rock & Alternative Playlist Autumn/Fall 2020

1 Creeptones - Soul Fire


2 ØZWALD – Manzanita


3 Robert Connely Farr - Cadillac Problems


4 Crystal Cities - Don't Speak Too Soon


5 Joensuu 1685 - All Around You


6 Annie Taylor - She Loves You No More


7 The Vices – Boy


8 Dawn Chorus - Origami Heart


9 Sunday Morning - Beautiful Lie


10 Soft Kill - Roses All Around


11 TWIN ENVY - Cosmic Show


12 Youth XL - Text Your Friends


13 The Rare Occasions – Alone


14 High Tide Drifter - Mustang Beach


Copyright: For The Love Of Bands has full permission from all the master rights holders (artist, label, management and/or publisher) for every song that is uploaded to this compilation. For The Love Of Bands has a signed copyright approval for every song.

Listen to the playlist on Spotify:

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