Indie Folk, Pop Playlist Autumn/Fall 2020 – The Best Chill, Cozy, Coffeehouse Music of November 2020

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Indie Folk Playlist Fall 2020 – The best new Indie, Indie Folk and Pop in our new Chill, Cozy, Coffeehouse Compilation of November 2020. Discover the cosiest indie songs by upcoming, new and emerging indie folk artists. Relaxation guaranteed!

This Indie/Folk/Pop playlist is available now on YouTube as compilation and also Spotify.

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The Indie Folk & Pop playlist Autumn/Fall 2020 on YouTube.

Tracklist of our newly released Indie Folk & Pop playlist Autumn/Fall 2020

1 Beta Radio - Hope You Change Your Mind

2 Big Brutus - A Pale Woman

3 The Paper Kites - For All You Give (feat. Lucy Rose)

4 Andrea von Kampen - Hard Times Come Again No More

5 Becca Roth - Sophia

6 Simon XO - Relief (two)

7 Long Tall Jefferson - Better Man

8 Michael Baker - Caught in the Crossfire

9 Nina Yates - Rome Is Burning

10 Megan Daws - Northern

11 Julie Title - Tornado

Copyright: For The Love Of Bands has full permission from all the master rights holders (artist, label, management and/or publisher) for every song that is uploaded to this compilation. For The Love Of Bands has a signed copyright approval for every song.

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