Here We Are Now by Francis Moon: soaring, chilled-out and optimistic

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Francis Moon’s Instagram bio identifies him as a “Swedish dreamer and songwriter”, and there is no mistaking this in latest release ‘Here We Are Now’. A chilled pop anthem with a soft rock tinge, the track utilises soaring production and expansive keys to tell a roaming tale of “what could have beens”.

The encompassing lyrics speak of the universal experiences of decision-making with simplicity, asking “Why don’t you tell me what’s on your mind?” and “What are we gonna do with all of this now?”. The artist explains “Sometimes life leads you to unexpected places away from what you originally wanted, but you realise that you've arrived at something you wanted even more.” 

This overarching hopefulness is communicated perfectly through Moon’s melodious, smooth-textured vocals, with a commanding undertone. Their strength allows the track to swell to more pop-focused and upbeat heights than his debut record Onwards, which veered towards dream-pop and shoegaze territory.

The track ends with electrifying guitar and a glitter of oscillating synths, both lively and relaxing, leaving us on an optimistic note; ‘Here We Are Now’ may be exploring choices in the past, but Francis Moon is definitely looking to the future.

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