Erika Severyns is honest and contemplative on new track 'River Water'


Berlin-based folk singer Erika Severyns has unveiled her newest track, the sparse 'River Water.' Contrasting with her more delicately arranged cuts 'River Water' is a raw examination wherein Severyns slices open her doubts and digs through the sinews to better understand herself. Her classically trained vocals accompany humble guitars to balance the gravity of a situation where Severyns feels weightless.

Severyns provides some backstory; "It's embarrassingly honest. ‘River Water’ was written during the lockdown summer of 2020. I was getting over a breakup and decided that the best way to do so was to commit to casual sex. I spent all of July on dating apps and all of August disappointed in my life decisions because I realized I wasn’t a person who could do this. This song is about wanting something to be a light, casual fling and then realizing I already have names for our future children."

'River Water' is out now on Spotify.

Erika Severyns

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