Aussie artist Lawson Hull paints a nostalgia-tinged vista in the shape of thoughtful and melodic 'College Town'

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Australian alternative folk and dream-pop singer-songwriter Lawson Hull releases the sleepy, contemplative track ‘College Town’ from his debut EP 'Dreaming is Easy'.

Gently infused with a sense of longing and regret, Lawson Hull reflects on a time where he moved from one small town to another, stirring up feelings of nostalgia and reflection with his gentle vocals and wistful strums of an acoustic guitar. The home-video style visuals that he’s released alongside the tune play like a walk down memory lane, capturing Hull driving from one place to another, visiting the familiar, unspectacular sights of his small College town: The local marina, a fish and chip shop and a sign that says ‘Fire Danger Rating Today’ with the arrow pointing towards ‘High’. Intentionally stylised with a DIY aesthetic, the video channels the feeling of looking back on a place when you’ve left it far behind. Though sonically brushed with a sense of yearning,

'College Town' also emanates a feeling of hope and acceptance for the past with Hull’s warm acoustic melodies and gentle vocal harmonies adding a large dose of sunlight to the thoughtful song. Pleasantly dazed-sounding and paired with its hazy Summer visuals, Hull's latest release is a lush offering packed with sensitivity, warmth and charm.

Speaking on ‘College Town’s release, Hull says:

“We filmed a special little visual for the song down in a small fishing town called Brooklyn on the Hawkesbury river, just north of Sydney. It has a real low-key vibe, not a lot going on, so it pretty much summed up my life! Angus shot it all on an old super 8 camera to portray a kind of nostalgia about old places that feel like home, and what it would be like to look back on a place if I left it.”

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