Music Q-Pop selection for Aug / Sept 2019

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Kazakhstan spreads the musical love to your ears. SBI and MAPX contest at the end of the post. Sorry in advance for the weird capitalisation - it seems to be a trend to name songs that way.

Hot /// Crystalz - DID

CREDIT: Crystalz - DID video link

The Crystalz are back with another Q-Pop stunner. You’ll remember them from their hit track Sen Sulu. This song is so great you’ll forgive me for cheating on the time a little.

Hot /// SEVENLIGHT - Núkte

CREDIT: SEVENLIGHT - Núkte video link

The boys from seven light serve up some boy band fare aimed for a new crop of fourteen-year-old girls. Every shot in the MV looks like the beautification filters are on max and the dance moves are mesmerising. Great things are promised by this emerging group.

Hot /// Say Mo - BISHARASHKA

CREDIT: Say Mo - BISHARASHKA video link

Say Mo gets the business done in this tough girl rap video.

Hot /// BAYJiGiT - BLOW

CREDIT: BAYJiGiT - BLOW video link

Something great lurks beneath the autotuned trainwreck vocals but honestly, producer talent this good should be curing cancer. Amazing retro 80s Japanese inspired video. This must’ve been a month for songs I want to hate but somehow I just love them for their flaws. There is Dias Ablayev - Boom with a great take on American high school movies and Serik Gamza-zade & Aidana Medenova - Qarash-qarash for amiable silliness.

Hot /// The KitchenSongs - Ekeýmіzge Bárіbіr

CREDIT: The KitchenSongs - Ekeýmіzge Bárіbіr video link

Feel good rock that is exactly what you’d expect from the opening phrases of the music and scenes in the video. The Kitchen Songs have also released Bolar is bolar.

Comfort food // Indira Elemes - Feelings

CREDIT: Indira Elemes (Индира Елемес) - Feelings (Сезім) video link

Attitude that bounces along like noughties electro-pop but oh so now. A song that can be enjoyed on many levels; a simple catchy tune that isn’t intellectually challenging but with a lot of masterful touches in the production. If this song was a restaurant dish, it’d be a $100 grill cheese sandwich.


Ziruza / Зируза released Songy nukte which is gentle song with some beautiful post-pop distortion adding some emotional forboding to this track. Why just a footnote? Firstly, the song is new and it takes time for tracks like this to warm up. Secondly, Ziruza’s 24/7 is dominating the charts. Speaking of which is 24/7 and Songy nukte a love/breakup pair for young adults similar to the pairing of Qiyn/O-ngai / Қиын/Оңай and Kesh / Кеш was for high schoolers?

BIDASH’s track Jalghyzym / Жалғызым is Balzhan Bidash’s solo release post her time with supergroup KeshYOU. Other KeshYOU almuni go onto great things - though this song gets a footnote because, while being a great offering, it’s not great great.

EchoTrack /// Ayree - Show

CREDIT: Ayree (Айри) - Show (Шоу) video link | lyrics

Ayree is awesome. She’s one of those hard-working artists that releases quality track after quality track. Call me a fan. Here’s an Ayree song I think you might enjoy - it remains one of my favourites.

Until next time.

Contest /// SBI and @Steem-bounty

Choose another track from any of the artists mentioned above and let me know in the comments. All valid entries will get an upvote to earn @steem-bounty. There are three @steembasicincome prizes of 3, 2 and 1 SBI units and 13, 5 and 3 staked MAPX tokens (@map10k) for telling me what you like about the songs you find. Leave the MAPX tokens staked for free daily upvotes. I pay consolation prizes of 1 SBI or staked MAPX for all valid entries where budget allows. Contest closes when the post pays out. A tip on how to win is to find great songs that I might not have heard.

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KeshYOU (КешYOU) - Q-Pop girl power

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@aezakmi Crystalz Sen Sulu
@chireerocks Indira Elemes - Praktikant agai
@rebe.torres12 Ayree - Oiladin ba
@lanzjoseg The Kitchen Songs - Papa Cosmonaut
@rosauradels The Kitchen Songs - Bolar is bolar

Thanks for enjoying the music. The next post will be out at the start of December.

Thanks for the contest.

@eturnerx, Thank you so much for your kind mention and keep up the good work. Stay blessed.

My entry this time is: Crystalz - Sen sulu

I searched for songs from the other interprets you mentioned, but I found this one to be the most ear-catching of all. It has a good melody and a modern flow. Besides this, the blonde girl seems pretty to me. I don't know her name, but she's still pretty.

I'm glad you liked the songs. Sen sulu means you're beautiful. Did you notice they seem to have a new member in DID.

Oh, I see. Suddenly they are five instead of four.

@eturnerx, Kindly find the below piece which is the creation of Indira Elemes. Titled as "Индира Елемес - Практикант агай |official Video HD".

I didn't understood the Language but fun to watch this music video.

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

The kitchen songs - Bolar is bolar
I like it for its relaxed and uncomplicated pace, a perfect day to spend with someone special.

I am a sucker for the boy bands, so I have to go with this one by SEVENLIGHT:

The song is really pretty in the mopey way I like music to be. The dancing is mesmerizing as you say. At least some of the boys seem to have professional training. I love the costuming. This is also a BIG group for the genre.

Most of the videos on their channel are not songs, but shows. I hope they put out more songs. I would definitely watch. Thank you for the post, so I get to see this :)

Did you like one performance in particular?

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When I say "shows" they are more like tv shows, not performances on stage. Other than those shows, they have short clips like this for each of the boys:

Ah, they are still very new I think. You might like one of these boy bands: Ninety One, EQ, Newton, Madmen.

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Thank you, @eturnerx. I will check them out too :)

I love her voice as well as beauty, how amazing she is!
In this video, blonde hair is very suitable for her. In general, she is prettier, I must say, and her impeccable musical taste continues to delight me.
Ayree - Ойладың ба

I'm beginning to like Say No even more. Not my fave of the Russia language rappers - but she has definite skills.

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Hi @eturnerx
I am sincere my attention was the name of the group then I went to youtube and I saw some of his videos, but this was the most called my attention, I do not understand the language so I looked for the lyrics of the song and after reading the meaning, I identified myself with that letter, I never had a father, he also left and left my mother alone with 4 children.
Now I am a father and I am always for my daughters.

#папакосмонавт - Translation papacosmonaut

Dad astronaut, dad flew away
Dad didn't want to, dad didn't want to lose
Dad wasn't there, he forgot: where is the house?
Dad astronaut, dad is alone now
Dad astronaut, dad flew away
Dad didn't want to, dad didn't want to lose
Dad wasn't there, he forgot: where is the house?

Kazakhstan is famous for space launches. Music is great in how it can speak to us on an individual level.

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OMG I love this video! I don't understand the language but music is universal and I love the smooth beat and the visuals of the video are mesmerizing.

Munaitpa Endi song is a major hit for Ayree. Here are the lyrics in English.

She's a very versatile singer that fuses pop, traditional and even opera at times. Her current hit is "Oiladyn ba" - Did you ever think.

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Great tunes

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