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RE: Ogre by The Nation Mourns: a Joseph Conrad confrontation with the heart of darkness forever beating within our Jungian shadow

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May I ask how you get the Spotify plugin the work with What is the code you and/or SteemPress uses? When I use the embedded code from Spotify taken from the Spotify App, tells me its unsupported. But you seem to get it working, and like to know how.


Hi @edje, don't use the html code, but just copy the link so WP embeds automatically. This way, the link appears on

Something I already expected, but wanted to know for sure.

copy the link so WP

You use the URL, or the embedded code from Spotify to include in WP?

I use the URL, not the embedded code. This way, the link is embedded automatically on WP and and appears as link on peakd. Otherwise, you'll have either an embed on WP and Peakd, but an error on

Thanks :)