Four Generative Ideas: Modular Synth Exploration of the Noise Engineering Desmodus Versio

in #music11 months ago (edited)

Drum_operator (underscore implying total incorporation into the matrix) returns from isolation with a reverberous generative wander, taking the new Noise Engineering Desmodus Versio for a leisurely stroll (onstream regularly at and feeding it a glorious array of eight oscillators, chordally arranged via ACL Sinfonion. I can't get enough of the chorusing and general swish swashy-ness the Desmodus is spitting out. Absolutely spot on perfect for huge chords and it's going to be a challenge to pry it out of this position in the rack to demo it in other contexts. Later in the patch it also rose to the challenge of being blasted into nothingness via Loquelic Iteritas Percido. Graphix via Sleepy Circuits Hypno, a eurorack compatible video synth that has really tied the room together for me.

Join me on the next wander:

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