My Latest Interview with Toronto's 'Unknown Mizery' for Emanate Community Spotlight

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VANCOUVER, CANADA — With over 20 albums to his credit, Unknown Mizery climbed the ranks of a highly competitive Toronto Hip Hop scene in the mid to late 90’s and has since toured the world as an advocate for the underground and a mouthpiece for the oppressed.

Tell us about yourself? Who is “Unknown Mizery”?
This is so hard for me to answer without rambling, however recently detailed an answer for that question that resonated with me thoroughly. They said, “As a man of many hats, the Guerilla Music emcee is a certified producer, beatmaker, radio show producer, entrepreneur, filmmaker, activist, humanitarian, community builder and even more that. His ventures expand well past the borders of Canada and the GTA, and he’s one of the first Canadian rappers to find consistent work and fandom overseas, and that started well before Drake put the spotlight on Toronto.” I feel that was the greatest definition of Unknown Misery to date.

Tell us about your latest music release and the VR experience?
I make a lot of music and I release it as fast as I make it. At this point in my career, I want to ensure that I leave behind releases that make me stand out. I am tired of the same old and wanted to do this for myself.
This album is a 4-song album, the 3rd and 4th songs are different endings to the short story EP. You are basically the main character on the album, by the end of song 2, you make a choice, whether to take ending 3 or 4.

We wanted to originally release it as an interactive video, like Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch but then we leaped into the Blockchain VR world and decided to create a Virtual Reality walkthrough experience of the EP. This is where you would click a URL and be dropped into a piece of VR land on the Metaverse. Think of it as a 3D website where you have an avatar. Those who took this 2-week limited experience would be able to walk through the maze, clicking a video, letting each song play until they make a choice to go right or left, each direction leads to an alternate album ending.

Tell us more about how you see NFT’s and VR tech and will benefit musicians?
We plan on several Blockchain and VR releases for the future. To be honest I am mostly focused on that as the industry there is more artist based and autonomous. Everything is done through smart contracts and artists get to keep their power.

The music industry drains the artists of their spirit and happiness. They love a starving artist but do not want the art to starve. That just does not make sense. The system, just like the music industry is built off of slavery and colonialism. So to control the art, the artists and the artist’s money is the goal of the mainstream fiat industry.

Places like Emanate, work for the artists, places like Spotify pimp the artists.

I believe as we are some of the first in this space of Audio NFT’s, we will keep pushing until we find a way to onboard more musicians into the space. The more musicians that are in this space, the more value this space garners. The revolution will be decentralized. We no longer recognize the masters.

Are you currently working on new music or projects? What’s cooking?
My recent songs with DJ Lethal Skillz, Rex Seshunz, Gamja Beats, DAO Records, and Guerrilla Music are being released as singles throughout the year.

Stream on Emanate

I have a ‘complete your remix’ project in the works which will be released as a limited NFT collectors bundle, where the NFTs will have art attached to audio layers from the song, once you collect the entire series, you will be able to complete the song and remix it.
We are also working on a GUERRILLA MUSIC 2020 PODCAST and PARTY event inside the metaverse via ‘Cryptovoxels and Decentraland” — here we will make blockchain history as we bring your multilingual, international rap music and interviews/performances from international rap legends, such as PRODIGAL SUNN of SUNZ OF MAN/WU-TANG — just to give you a taste.

We are also working on a battle rap card game, based off the crypto kitties coding and some adjustments, we will have NFT rap battle cards which will be able to battle for ETH and breed their own unique NFT rapper card through AI/Coding DNA.

What have you found to be the most frustrating part of your artist journey?

It is who you know, it is always who you know. You can be a genius, your work ethic, and quality can prove to be superior, however, its all depends on who you know. Once you know the ‘who’s’, who hold the keys to the gates, you must ensure they like you.

A friend recently told me, that I am just not good at kissing ass and that is why things are often difficult, I agree.

The industry has held back some of the greatest voices of our time, it is a shame. I am hoping the blockchain can change that.. yet I see issues in that topic itself. People with money will be the ‘Who’s’ in this NFT space… You must get the ‘money who’s’ to see you and like you.. then they will make a purchase of anything you create and give it value within this blockchain society.

Nothing has changed except the fact that the banks are not the only ones in charge here.

How did you find out about Emanate?
Honestly, I found out about emanate through DJ Lethal Skillz and Vandal. They have been pushing this space on me for years.

How do you think Emanate will evolve or change what you do?
Emanate has already given me the power to take control of my art. However, my goal is to get as many artists as we ca onto emanate. Once we do this, their listeners will arrive, and Emanate will take its rightful place in the music world.

Do you have any advice for rappers/musicians working on their craft?
Just be you. You can not please everyone with your music or message. Some people will see a splash of paint and value it as high-quality art, others will see a splash of paint. Once you create for you, the rest will fall into place.

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