i-elevate | Audio NFT Collaboration by DJ Lethal Skillz x Akreates X Daorecords

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i elevate by DJ Lethal Skillz x Akreates
DJ Lethal Skillz & Akreates combine for Episode 7 of The Popup S2 for the track "i.elevate" featuring King Ra & Vandal.

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i.elevate (feat. King Ra & Vandal)

Produced by: DJ Lethal Skillz

New song I have been looking super forward to release featuring two dope artists King Ra used to be called Pups from Crypto Kings and the one and only Vandal the crypto rapper who you most probably know of from all our previous work together if you follow my blogs and music.

i.elevate is an uplifting, soulful and empowering Hip-Hop/R&B type of song, both King Ra and Vandal has delivered awesome verses loaded with lyrical dopeness and flows and King Ra did an awesome hook for the track Hope u enjoy it as we did making it, Keep elevating!

(Unsupported https://open.spotify.com/embed/album/4NaqFjlgKx4vUWuV2E2apI)


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