Rockclassics - Uriah Heep

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This week #rockclassics by @detlev

An initiative from @uwelang and a pic made by @detlev and free to use

Hey my Hive friends of good music,

for this week of #rockclassics started by @uwelang I like a special reminder for Uriah Heep

Whenever I think to early classic rock I end up with Uriah Heep and other bands from my youth. Even if this band is a bit more progressive rock - I just don’t care as I love their Songs.

Lady in black

Free Me


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Good stuff. And I get the Dickens reference in the name.

I finally figured out who the vocalist reminds me of. Colin Meloy of the Decemberists. Or vice-versa, as chronology dictates. Or is that just my imagination?

Is this 'Metal Weekend' risen from the ashes? I have tried to listen to 'The Heap' but can't get my head around them!

No, @uwelang startet the #rockclassics and I had to deliver some fun.

#metalweekend is still alive, even if many other use this Tag.

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Uriah Heep ist auch einer meiner Lieblingsbands. Vor ungefähr 15 Jahren hatte ich die Gelegenheit ein Konzert von Ihnen in München zu besuchen. "Jukebox" kennt wahrscheinlich jeder, auch wenn man kein Fan ist. Foreigner, Aerosmith und Withesnack stehen bei mir auch ganz oben auf der Liste.