Rockclassics - Led Zeppelin

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This week #rockclassics by @detlev

An initiative from @uwelang and a pic made by @detlev and free to use

Hey my Hive friends of good music,

for this week of #rockclassics started by @uwelang I like a special reminder for Led Zeppelin

Whenever I think to early classic rock there was always the great band LED ZEPPELIN

The air was sweet that time and the beer simple.

Stairway to heaven LIVE

Black Dog

The Song Remains the Same

Have a great day
enjoy #BeerSaturday
and stay positive

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I do enjoy listening to Led Zeppelin.

Led Zep are one of my favourite bands. I did not get to see them live, but I went to a Page and Plant gig where they played a lot of the old songs. Rock and roll!

I REALLY love how the classics are still making comebacks in waves. How about this blast from the past in a recent song?

Blue Oyster Cult!

If Keith Richards can prove playing music is ageless (even though he has 2 shadow guitar players behind the scenes at shows) then all of these oldies can come back with new songs and show the young ones what is really cool and good.

See you #beersaturday CHEERS!

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