This original music is called Sahra (صحرا) and it means Desert - it is one of my Instrumental Music productions | listen and tell me your ideas!

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Hi guys, this is one of my instrumental tracks which called Sahra (صحرا) or Sahara or Desert. and it has a mood of Middle East which you can feel it in this track. It would be really great if you can subscribe to my youtube channel too, thank you so much!

for the new users:
I am Davood Faramarzi aka @davidfar is a music producer singer and song-writer.

Peace! <3

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Bravo 👏

Thanks bro Michael!

Damn that romantic vibe! <3

Thank you so much :D <3

I enjoyed that song! It has a good feeling to it, it seems right for the desert.
I went to youtube to watch it, and subscribed to your channel.

Thank you for your kind supports my friend! :D <3

Ah, I love the dreaminess of middle eastern instruments! Very lovely song <3

Thank you so much Soyrosa :) <3

😂 now he is lost in the desert.


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Thank you Edward! \m/

Hello Hello!

I enjoyed the song with pleasure and the way it flowed in time made a difference...

Greetings from Venezuela!

Thank you Saray, it is your kindness!

Great music, thank you

Thanks for the kind words :)

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