in music •  7 months ago 

Hiya you wonderful, wonderful human-beans ❤️

Guess who made it to fifth place in the HOFA Song Contest, nak, nak!!
Thanks to all you lovelies, weeehh 🙌🎶❤️

I am so uber excited about this!!

What’s happening now is that the judges are listening to all the tracks of all rubrics in the Top 20,
they will announce the winners on the 2nd of September!!

Ahhh, the closer the day comes the more of a hibblebibble I become, lol!

I will keep you updated 🙌🎶❤️

Thank you so much for your love & support!


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That's Awesome... Grats on 5th Place... now onto #1!! :D

Wooohooooo, I know I am trippin ova here!! Ahaha, I won already <3


@soundwavesphoton ❤️ you got that right... Wooooooo ;)

so there is a pretty strong chance you reach your hibble-bibble-peak at sept. 1st? ;p

You might be analyzing that correctly my dear friend, ahahaha, why don't you come over n see for yourself? ;P

as sept. 1st ison sunday, there is a chance i will ;)

Yeahhh! :)) congratz! - that's awesome!! <3

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