Attempt #2 - An Unorthodox Band Blending Various Genres of Music: Thievery Corporation Presents

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American Reggae Bands on ReggaeSteem - Series Cont.

In this post I will continue where I left off bringing American reggae bands to ReggaeSteem. This band is rather unorthodox but their JAHMs are super-irie and always seem to put me in good spirits when listening. The band is called Thievery Corporation, a two man band that you have to hear to believe. Before I continue any further, please allow for me to quickly recap the previous posts in this introductory series to American reggae bands brought to ReggaeSteem.

The original posts for each band/artist may be referenced at the following links below:

  • Matisyahu - Jewish American reggae/rap artist featuring Orthodox Jewish vibrations

  • 10 Foot Ganja Plant - American reggae/roots/dub group from Massachusetts, USA currently showcasing their talents from upstate NY

  • Soldiers of Jah Army - SOJA - An 8 member Grammy nominated American reggae band from Arlington, VA

  • Pepper - A 3 member reggae/rock band based out of Hawaii featuring a diverse array of music aside from just reggae

  • Iration - An all Hawaiian born group now based out of Santa Barbara, CA specializing in a unique sub genre of reggae known as Sunshine Reggae

Thievery Corp.

This band is a mix of so many styles and genres it’s difficult to classify or constrain them to any particular subset of music. With that said, I personally would say they are a perfect representation of what music is meant to channel. That is, a diversification of emotion and meaning that taps into the deeper human conscious. Thievery creates some of the most unique sounds together, creating an array of sensation which only a listener may fully understand. I use their music to relax and unwind when my mind is unclear. The morning time especially for car rides to work, opening my mental capacity to prepare for the day ahead.

It may sound crazy, but simply listening to this group is, for me, a form of meditation in and of itself, similar to that of 10 ft. Ganja Plant. On Wikipedia, T.C. is defined as an American electronic music duo consisting of elements mixed from various arrays of music such as dub, acid jazz, reggae, Indian classical, Middle Eastern music, hip hop, electronica, and Brazilian music, including bossa nova.

Many of their songs mix all of these elements together, while others have a stronger indication from one or a few of these musical elements. Their music is always unique and sounds different than any other band I have ever heard. In music, if you can stand alone and create such vibrations, then you’re doing something others are not.

Have yourself a listen to Thievery Corps song, Let The Chalice Blaze

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As I said on the last post. Digging the tune, I see why you play it to clear your mind. Real chill!

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Yea mon last post was a bust I tried commenting there but failed for some reason. Appreciate you coming back to let me know dem vibes !!

Check out some of their other music - some of my favorites by them are Lebanese Blonde, Treasures and Le Monde from their album The Mirror Conspiracy

Not as much reggae vibes but vibrations for sure - I think you’d like

First heard this group
many years ago.
PBS showcased
them for a full hour.
I was memorized.
Immediately ordered CD.
They have quite a few
albums and each
one is terrific.

Listening to it as we speak

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