SkullBoy & Eclypxe - Dope [COS Release]

in #musiclast year

News: today there is no news but i have a question for you and i wanna hear your opinion about it, as we knew HF21 and SMT are coming soon and steem-engine still exist here and being solid ;)
the question is SMT released: is steem-engine will be exist or SMT will be as great feature to steem engine ?
share with me your opinion in the comment section

City Of Stars - Music Heals Your Soul ❤️

Lyrics: Not Available

Used Pictures:

  • Flock of Birds Flying over Bare Tree Overlooking Sunset by Pixabay from Pexels
  • Clear Water Drops by Public Domain Pictures from Pexels

All images used in this video downloaded from

Genre: Trap, Electro, Dance

Track is released under CC license and you are free to download and use it in videos and mixes, no attribution required

Software used:

  • Adobe After Effect

  • Adobe Media Encoder

  • Camtasia


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