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Hello everyone.

Today I am posting my entry for the Block Chain Music Contest Season 2 - Round 1

I do a lot of different genres, I don't stick to just one, but House tends to be one of the most common for me, so when I saw the round 1 challenge was for Deep House, I had to jump right in.

I probably could enter multiple tracks for this genre, but had to narrow it down to 1 so I decided to do my track

Twisted Soul
Bufinjer - Twisted Soul 2 (1).jpg

Twisted Soul is also one of my newer tracks, which is another reason I chose this one.

This has a smooth flow to it and I incorporated wonderful vocals to give it that summer festival feel.
It has almost a tropical feel to it, good for Ibiza I think!

Well without further ado, here it is:

Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for Listening!

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this is great buf, good luck mate :)

Thanks a lot TP!

Oh this is a remix of Twisted Soul by Will Be Ceen. Sounds good but I miss the hint to the original artist ;) <---this is false ..don't pay attention ;) - it's NOT a remix!!! If interested why I said this read the comments below!!

It's not a remix @psionic-tremors, the vocals are from a sample pack, I did this all original.
Thank you!
Will Be Ceen Must have used the same sample pack...???

Ohh sorry - but as it is also the same music - the same piano.. - I thought it's a remix -- did these vocals come with the music also? Can you tell me what sample pack this is? - as I'm always searching for vocals for a complete song and not just phrases and words :) - those vocals are beautiful!

Yea, it's a Novation (Ampify Music) Launchpad app sample pack. The piano and vocals are all part of the pack, however not sure if you can get the pack outside of the app. It's called Twilight Crossing (which is even funnier that Will Be Ceen called the track the exact same thing! LOL)
It doesn't even say who does the vocals, because I agree, they are beautiful, and I'd love to get more of her vocals.
What I do is build part of the track in the app and then add lots of elements, in this case the drums and percussion. So that's why it's the same piano and vocals.

Thank you for your reply! It's crazy that the two songs sound so similar because you used the same sample pack and then the same title - lol - really funny.
Yeh it looks like that I need the app for the pack and it's for ios but I have no apple computer.
Have to sing by myself - lol
Sorry again for mistaken your track as a remix!!!

I use the app on my phone and iPad. I don’t have an Apple computer either. I’ve tried to find the packs online before and couldn’t but you could try the SoundCloud page, sometimes they post some packs on there.
And no worries on thinking it was a remix, it is actually the first time I’ve heard a song so close to mine using the sound packs!

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Thanks for the hint about the soundcloud page!! I'll check that out :))

Loving it mate! Great vocals and chilled vibe on this! Where did you get the vocals from? Or is it you after getting tazored? :D

Haha, well wan't involving a taser at all! LOL
The vocals are from a sample pack from my launchpad app
Thanks a lot Nicky!

Hahaha glad to hear there was no tasering 😂 mmm interesting about the vocals. I have some from music radar but they are a tad old!

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Strong start to the contest - great to see the EMAliens get involved!

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Thanks for submitting your entry! R+U :D

Thanks so much!

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This is incredible Bufinjer! I feel like this will most likely be a top contender!

Thanks so much! I appreciate that!

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