Play Hard by Bufinjer - Blockchain Music Contest Entry Season 2 Round 3

in music •  8 months ago 

Hello everyone.

Today I am posting my entry for the Block Chain Music Contest Season 2 - Round 3

As those who know me knows, I do a lot of different genres, I don't stick to just one, I like to try all styles.

I have never done a Hardstyle track specifically before, so when I saw this was the genre for this week I figured I'd give it a try.

Here is my track called Play Hard.
Bufinjer - Play Hard.jpg
Freshly posted on Soundcoud.

Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for Listening!

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Bufinjer Lightning intro.gif

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Yes this is Hard ;))) - I think you nailed it :) - good luck!!! :)

Thanks so much Psio!

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Wow Buf! This one goes in HARD!! How did you even knock this one out so quick! Here I am still studying YouTube videos and have no idea where to start haha!! Awesome track man. I'm just going to throw some rage in to it and see what happens!

Thanks so much Nicky! I dabble close to this style all the time, so for me to put this together wasn't too hard, just a bit different from my usual, but not too far off. Yea, rage is a good starting point, set the BPM at 150, add some heavy drums, and go from there! :)

Thanks for your submission! R&U Appreciate it my friend.

Thank you! This is such a fun contest to be involved in. Really appreciate it!

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This starts up hard & heavy and does not let up! Love all the different sounds you weaved in and out throughout the song, kept it entertaining. This would go crazy live!!!