STEEM Connected Media Service, Thicket Update: Now with over 720 tracks and EverGreen!

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That's Right 720 tracks from your favorite STEEM artists are now available to play through Thicket. Each one known to work and re-encoded to offer the best mix of sound quality and compression (can't use up all your data on one song can we?). As with the previous release you are still required to have a Steem Account to access the music but this will soon become optional as the settings area is being reworked and updated.

Also don't forget that every artist on Thicket can be tipped for their contribution to the STEEM ecosystem so feel free to give a little back to those you listen too!

Thicket Alpha2

Another week and another update to Thicket! With this update comes a slew of bug fixes and improvements over Alpha 1 including:

  1. Large image protection: Images over 15megs would sometimes cause Thicket to crash. Now the program detects over sized images and blocks them from loading.
  2. Track information is now standardized when sent to the client. This fixes the issues where some files wouldn't display properly.
  3. Search now features the split view, allowing users to easily like, favorite, and tip their favorite artists.*2
  4. Startup screen gives people a overview of what they just downloaded.*1
  5. @c-squared manual curation initiative has been added to the list of Curated Music
  6. And more

Along with those changes the most important change since the last version. Thicket is now evergreen! That's right, on load the program looks for new versions of Thicket and if found downloads and launches that version. And at 1.8 MB the process is over before you realize it and you're up and running. Not only does this mean that those that download Alpha2 will always be up-to-date, but that the way I was planning on delivering gaming content is now possible! So feel free to download the newest version by clicking the link below!

Note: The link below contains a zip file that includes an executable for all relevant Operating Systems (Linux,MacOS,Windows). The Windows and Linux versions are obvious enough but the MacOS version is contained in the Zip within the Zip.

Alpha 2

*1 Shot of the overview dialog. Grammar mistakes will be removed in future versions ;)
Screenshot from 20190917 082841.png

*2 I may have used this image before but it displays the same screen as what now appears in single artist searches.
Screenshot from 20190911 191320.png

Personal note

My former employer and I have had to cut ties due to circumstances beyond either of our control. This is great when it comes to my personal projects like Thicket and OpenSeed but much harder to keep either running due to the lack of monthly income. So please consider checking out my proposal on the SPS titled "Operational Budget for OpenSeed Development and Outreach" and spreading the word to anyone you know about this and my other projects. With your help we can make Thicket something amazing!

I currently have a proposal on the proposal system. Which you can find here along with others hoping to fund their projects. Thank you in advance for your support.


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Great job man! Up and Resteemed! Thanks for your supports!

Of course! I didn't know about your music till I started working on Thicket. and my son demanded I send you something as much as we've listened to your work. :) Which is exactly the kind of attitude we need.

Bro is this music hosting? Can you work with @tunestoken and @mrviquez @steemvision ? i can also talk to EM8 emanate

thisis really cool man please come talk to us in

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Well, I'm so glad I got the auto update code working. I've already added small bug fixes and one minor animation to the project since I published this post!

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How have I only just heard about Thicket! WOW!

I an going to download it now. We have a whole community of musicians that could benefit from this!

** UPDATE ** I notice the download is a ZIP file Is it PC only? Thanks!

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What!, That's what I get for doing things in a hurry.

Oh wait, no its just a silly naming thing.

Windows = .exe
Linux (Tested on Pop!_OS) = .x86_64
MacOS = .zip

They were the defaults set by the IDE, but I can see that being confusing to some.

So does that mean it is PC only or available for Mac? :-)

So there is a zip in the zip that contains the macOS version. :) The other files are for WIndows and Linux. I don't know how its displayed on macOS, but another user posted a screenshot of it working on his Mac so I'm pretty sure it works.

That's awesome! I am going to install now and submit some music!

That's awesome! I am
Going to install now and
Submit some music!

                 - atomcollector

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

You're not going to have much luck submitting music from the app (yet). However, your current works are on there thanks to the magic of STEEM and ipfs.

Installed and I see a lot of our community's music already there as we have used dsound for years. No plays though.

Oh, and pop in on the discord channel if you want. I'm open to feature requests and bug reports.

Good job :)


I am a musician and I literally have no idea what Thicket is. How does one get involved?

So the beauty of it is that there is nothing an artist has to do other than use (for now). With the hopes of adding a way to directly upload tracks from the application in the future.

The hope is to create an application that functions somewhat like Steam (in that it supports games music and videos) but built on the chain and designed to help all those that use it make some sort of return on their work.

Hi, @bflanagin!

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Aha, so this is what Thicket is! I did get a tip recently in my steem wallet and wondered what was going on! Sounds like a really cool concept and love there's a lot happening for musicians on steem now!

So from what I can tell, it's a desktop app that you download and it plays from uploaded music via dsound? Are you looking to have your own uploading capability?

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At the moment yes, I wont get into all the technical stuff here but you can look at some of the earlier posts to find out more.
Also, I believe uploads are unavoidable and should hit the same time the Game part is complete. I'm talking on mspwaves tonight around 7PM CST to answer questions and fill people in.

A great work indeed. Please do keep it up

If the music is on the STEEM blockchain and IPFS then I'm all for it. Other sources may come later, but I want to focus on steem artists at the moment.


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