Steem connected Media Application - Thicket - : Road Map

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Now that users are slowly trickling in its time I lay out the Road Map for Thicket. As with all projects the road map should be considered as an outline and may not be completed in order. Bare in mind that at the moment this is a labor of love, please consider voting for my proposal to fund this and its back-end services. Thanks for everyone's support thus far and remember you can always join the discord channel here to report bugs or discus the project further.

I will break down the road map into sections based on what the finished product will be capable of with the features already working stroke through...striked through?...strike throughed?


  • Offline support : One of the benefits of having the program be local is that you can use it with out internet connection or when the servers are unavailable.
  • Local IPFS support: The client should detect and reroute queries to the local IPFS instance whenever possible.
  • IPFS reroute: Similar to the above but with the ability to have users choose their source.
  • Better steem account integration
  • Social stuff Chat/friends/etc.
  • Credit Card purchase / tip support: For those not on STEEM and as a bridge from fiat to STEEM.
  • STEEM payment support.
  • Full screen View
  • Compact View
  • Mobile version


  • Play / Stop Music
  • Jump Tracks
  • Cache Music for near gap-less playback
  • New Artist detection
  • Generated Playlists
  • User playlist creation
  • Playlist sharing
  • More fault tolerance (this will probably always be here)
  • Music Uploads (hopefully including a d-sound partnership)
  • More sorting options: By tag, By type
  • Listen along
  • True streaming: for radio shows and the like,
  • More STEEM options: like / follow / etc.
  • Audio "Studio" for more than just uploading pre-recorded tracks.
  • Podcasts.


  • Developer setup
  • Game setup
  • Game Uploads
  • Game Display and Play interface
  • Game sorting: By Developer, By Genre, etc.
  • Partnerships with STEEM based gaming companies and projects


  • Interface for player
  • converter similar to music to make sure the videos play
  • upload support
  • 3speak / dtube partnerships
  • Usual video player options (fullscreen, windowed, etc)

I currently have a proposal on the proposal system. Which you can find here along with others hoping to fund their projects. Thank you in advance for your support.



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