Flautist, Andrea Griminelli. Performing Live in Birmingham UK, 2019. Plus a chance to win some free STEEM!

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When a concert is being backed up by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra you would think that the instrumental part of the show was well and truly taken care of, right? Well, not exactly...especially when you have Andrea Griminelli as a friend.

Before I went to this concert, If you'd have asked me if I wanted to go see/hear someone do a live performance with their flute, I would have assumed we were heading for a weekend in Amsterdam...Then, I would have realised you were serious and most probably laughed in your face, eventually answering you with a joke about "Band camp". Now I know that the last laugh would certainly be on me...FLUTE PLAYERS ARE THE BOMB, SON!!...And Andrea Griminelli plays that flute like a stick of TNT!!

Not only does he mesmerise you with his tactile super-powers, he also dazzles you with a visual backdrop that transports you far away from the arena. In this performance he had an old Western movie projected behind him, a movie that had used the very piece of music he was playing. Honestly, this was probably my favourite part of the night, and if it wasn't for Andrea Bocelli's final song I would say that Old Grimmy here stole the show with this one.

As a bonus to this post, I will give away 5 STEEM to the first person who can name the movie playing in the background.

So for all you lucky readers, I give you Andrea Griminelli...Enjoy!

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Thanks for the resteem @c0ff33a 🙂

Always welcome 👍🏽

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A cool bit of fluting there.

I think I caught a glimpse of Charles Bronson.

Was it Once Upon A Time In The West ?

Wow! That was quick and correctamundo!!! Well done Cowboy! 5 STEEM heading your way 🙂

Excellent, thank you. I love a good spaghetti western.

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