Beverley Knight (Live) In Concert, Birmingham UK.

in music •  5 months ago 

As I explained in my last post, my girlfriend and I went to see Andrea Bocelli performing at Birmingham's World Resort Arena. It was a wonderful night and Andrea's performance was out of this world. As well as Andrea Bocelli gracing the stage he had also invited some special guests and with a complete disregard to the rules I managed to record plenty of the nights event. Admittedly, the quality of my video isn't nearly as good as the content as it was recorded via my I-phone. Nevertheless, I still think it is more than good enough to share and enjoy.

Today's post features my recording of Beverley Knight's brilliant performance. Although the genre of her music didn't quite fit in with the rest of the night it was still incredible and her voice was as powerful as any I've heard.

I hope you all enjoy the show and please come back to join me for the next instalment in a few days time.

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