Walking in a casual MushroomMonday

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Hello guys!

Today I started a new #mushroommonday. If you want to know more about this initiative, visit @balticbadger blog.

The weather wasn't very good, so I left home on my foot and walked to the industrial zone. Along the road, I found several mushrooms. Edible or not, I don't know. I thought that the strong water of the past few days had drowned them, but not: they were there.


The firsts were in the San Leonardo Village, near the ancient homonym Church. I photographed there 3 different types of mushrooms.



Above, one of the firsts. Wonderful, near a pruned wood.



I continued my short walk and I found other exemplars. Again, I don't know if they were edible but I only photographed them.



I adjusted and resized some of these images; added vignetting, more light, more shadow, and ready for publication.



A few days ago I saw in this area some pine tree mushrooms but the only ones remained today were marcescent.

It's all for the moment.

To the next mushroommonday...maybe :(


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Hello Hello!

Beautiful photos, remind me of the hahaha smurfs house

Greetings from Venezuela

You're right
Bye 👋

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Thank you all 😁

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Nice mushrooms


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Hi @davidesimoncini. Thank you for sharing your photos on Monday. I loved the third picture.

Right? I like it too 😁 Thank you for your words 🙂

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Some of those mushrooms look like flowers. One of them looks like a tree bark too.

One of my aunts goes walking in the woods and pick wild mushrooms of all sorts that are edible. She can recognise them easily. I can't tell one mushroom from the next, except certain kinds that I like, like oyster mushrooms. The rest, I go by the packaging in the store lol

That is the perfect recipe 😁 In right I never ate the Oyster except by cultivation

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The mushrooms are so cute! I love how each photo accentuates the mushroomness of each species. Thank you for sharing with us.

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Thank you too because you appreciated my photos 😁

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Because they really are good :) How tiny are they? I can imagine you having to kneel and all to get those cute shots.

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Oh yes, someone very hard to photograph but the result was better than I thought

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They are really pretty :) Happy weekend to you!

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Lovely photos! I am also not sure which mushrooms are edible and which not. My brother is an expert as he goes mushroom 'hunting' very often. I rather take photos and don't collect anything as I don't want to kill my family :)

Thank you for sharing and have a lovely Sunday!

I understand you. Thanks for your words.

!giphy nice+sunday

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